Your Own Mix

What we do
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Like every project, yours is unique and thus requires tailor-made solutions.

First of all, you tell us about your brand, your product, your objective, and goal. We give you a feedback about the way we imagine your message and your campaign, and how we can translate it in images and visual communication.

If we got it right, our creative team will submit to you a treatment, including a presentation of the global creative storytelling vision and identity.

Should you accept it, we set a custom-built crew that will create your video.

Once your video is created, we handle its distribution.

Do you want to spread your video on the Internet? There’s nothing more frustrating than spending a lot of time and money on a video production and note that it doesn't get the number of views it deserves. To make sure that your content reaches its audience, we set an efficient distribution strategy on the relevant media and social media channels.

We will suggest the right budget to allocate to each media and each channel, to let you reach your goal in terms of visibility. 

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